In the past year eBay has made a requirement regarding handbag authentications and their use for settling disputes from buyers, accusing you of selling them a fake. 

They are no longer allowing sellers to get a professional opinion to prove the bag they sold is authentic, if the evaluation is done AFTER the sale. The only way eBay will accept any authentication verification, is if it was done BEFORE the bag was sold. 

  We were told the reason for this is that the seller no longer has the bag in their possession, so how can they send photos?They insist only the buyer that has the bag in their possession, is able to provide recent photos because they have the bag on hand. YES, we agree this is ridiculous,and is another of their unreasonable requirements, since many sellers have files of extra images of the bag they sold. It is, what it is, however, and as usual they won't bend the rules, even if the seller proves the bag is authentic!

You can try to reason with the buyer and send her to us, and hopefully we can convince her to drop the case, provided the bag you sold her is authentic, of course. 

Otherwise, if you can show you had the bag authenticated BEFORE the bag was sold, eBay will accept your Certificate of Authenticity from us, but it must be dated from BEFORE the sale, when you still had the bag in your possession. 

   We highly recommend sellers doing this before you list any handbags, to protect yourself from false claims, returns and a negative feedback, not to mention the restrictions placed against your account, and the lowering of your seller ratings. It's just not worth it. The smart thing to do is get your handbags evaluated for authenticity, BEFORE you list them. 

   Our company wants to help you / sellers, to get and keep an excellent reputation for being the seller handbag lovers know they can count on to find them authentic designer handbags only. There's no better way to do this than to have your bags professionally authenticated and be able to advertise this in your listings. For this reason we have created a fantastic discounted BULK Rate for sellers, with at least 10 handbags or more, we give you half off on our Deluxe Evaluations. Normally 20.00, for just 10.00 each! And you get so much! 

We not only give you our Registered Certificate of Authenticity for each bag, We tell you
*the correct style name and collection
*the year made, or approximate age if there is no date code
*the correct serial or style number
*the original MSRP
*today's resale market value
*correct materials made of
*If it was a Limited Edition or Special Rare Collection, etc.

We provide basically everything you want to know about the designer handbag you are selling which makes you look so much more professional. You get all of this for just 10.00 USD per bag, ( normally 20.00, but must have 10 bags or more) and remember, any money you spend on authentications and appraisals, are a tax deductible business expense ! So it's a WIN WIN for bo9th you and your buyers! We start you an account so you don't have to send them all at once. You can send at your leisure, within a reasonable time period, not to exceed one year please. 

Protect your account now, and get added to our eBay 'TRUSTED SELLERS ' page for more advertising to your website store. Being on our Trusted Sellers page will make buyers feel more confident purchasing from you, and gives you more advertising. . 

But remember, our Certificates will only help you, if you get them BEFORE you sold the bag. Feel free to email us with any questions at We look forward to assisting you. Just go to our website order page to get started. Thank you


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