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.......................... POST PURCHASE EVALUATION
.............................. AFTER YOU PURCHASE THE BAG

STANDARD POST Purchase Evaluation $13.00 for AUTHENTICITY ONLY

DELUXE Evaluation ~ $30.00
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity if it is deemed authentic

Will provide a letter for your credit card company to obtain a refund, should we find the bag is a fake.

 includes style name, date made, or approximate age if no date code, original retail value, present resale value  ~

All documents sent via email.

Post-Purchase Evaluation

PLEASE NOTE;  After payment is made, email photos directly to authenticatersrus@gmail.com


Ten, 10 bags ~  $180,00 USD

Twenty, 20 bags Only $325.00 USD - SAVE $35.00!

We will start an account for you to send bags at your leisure. We do not have to evaluate the bags all at once. This saves you big $$ on future authentications with us. 

BULK RATE Orders include the deluxe format, with style name, age, original MSRP and today's resale value,  for each authentic bag, PLUS our registered Certificate of Authenticity.

You can also use our BULK RATE ORDER to have us look at listings for you BEFORE you purchase.
Bulk Rate



STANDARD PRE Purchase Evaluation $10.00 - USD

This is  for us to look at an online listing for you BEFORE you buy it, to prevent you from purchasing a fake.  Must send a listing link to
evaluate only.

AFTER YOU PAY, Please send us a link to the listing you want us to take a look at. Does not come with a certificate or letter since you do not OWN the bag yet. After payment is made, email photos directly to authenticatersrus@gmail.com
NOTE; All images must have something of yours in them, such as a finger or a thumb so we know the images are yours. 
We have had issues with stolen images from the internet, so need to make this request. Sorry for any inconvenience, but we need to protect ourselves as well as our clients. Your cooperation is much appreciated, 
Thank you


1. The whole front of bag including straps
2. Interior lining 
3. Any Labels and tags inside the bag 
4. All paperwork, price tag, care card, etc. if available
5. All engraved hardware
6.Dust bag cover if available

Please include measurements and if possible a link to where the bag was purchased, seller id, website, etc.

By purchasing an authentication from us you agree to our TERMS OF SERVICE  agreement.

Here at Authenticaters R Us, we are happy to have your business and put you on our Trusted Sellers list for no additional fee!

Price includes Certificate of authenticity for each bag, which can be printed to send to your customers with their purchase.

$18.00 per bag with purchase of 10 or more evaluations. 

20 bags is only $325.00 which gives you a $35.00 discount!  
This is a nice option for sellers to assure their buyers that the bags they are selling have been authenticated. It helps your sales to mention in your listings that you had the bag professionally authenticated before listing. We will also put your name on our trusted sellers list, provided we find all of your bags to be authentic.
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